In simple words, a landing page is a destination page, blog or website even it can be a video when you click on any link or directly type in the browser’s URL bar, As a result, it takes you the destination page which shows the first time. A URL (Domain Name) in which you click or type then it takes you on the destination page, blog, website or on any video page is called landing page link.

Note: Landing Page Mean One Page One Purpose

Landing Page
Landing Page

Landing Page and its types

There is no limitation of landing pages we can categories in a lot of numbers but some famous and important types of landing pages as following

  1. Home landing page

A home landing page is usually the websites or blog home pages where the visitor goes after clicking the website home page link which is usually known as a Domain name. In some cases, his kind of landing page consists of multiple pages and in some cases, this kind of landing page can consist of a page with some detail and referring links.

  1. Post or article landing page

As the name showing this kind of landing page takes you on the single post or an article which related to your search query usually a regular blog or websites have a lot of landing pages which show the single post or an article when we click in any given link or even when we search them in google or in any other search engine.

  1. Advertising Landing page Or Lead Generation Landing Page

This kind of landing page belongs to a commercial category which is usually using these days. if you are a businessman or advertising agency then you create this kind of landing page where your specific product and its detail shows for the visitors. These kinds of landing pages also can be a single page or group of single pages but these kinds of landing pages are not the example of home landing pages because advertising landing pages are not updated regularly.

This type is also called the Lead generation landing page which means when a visitor visits this type of landing page the visitor reads the information and finds the order button or purchase button. usually, E-commerce websites use this kind of landing page. Nowadays some individuals also using this type of landing page to promote their goods and services to sell out.

  1. Affiliate landing page

The affiliate landing page that are designed by the affiliate program companies who give the opportunity to earn money by referring their products online through affiliate links or landing pages.

Why we use landing pages?

Landing pages are usually used to get visitors’ attention to the seller’s product or services. Each thing has some benefits and some losses so let discuss the advantages and disadvantages in term of landing pages.

Landing Page Advantages:

  1. Landing page is easy to create and assemble if we compare to website or blog.
  2. Landing page highly user friendly because that pages have just compulsory information and few call to action buttons.
  3. There are lot of landing page builders which may use to create landing pages without any skill.
  4. We can create multiple designed landing pages for a same product.
  5. It is the cheapest way to advertise your business online.
  6. Landing Pages create uniqueness in each type of campaign

Landing Page Disadvantages:

  1. Because these pages are usually used for advertising purpose so most visitors don’t like to visit those pages.
  2. The landing page consists mostly of a single page or few pages.
  3. Landing pages can are less trustworthy

Landing page builder

IF you are looking for best landing page builder then i will say its not an easy task because by just reading their FAQ we can’t experienced well till than we use them but don’t worry you can know who is the best by reading as following.

  1. Thrive Landing Page Builder
  2. Click Funnels landing page builder
  3. Mailchimp Landing page builder
  4. Ucraft landing page builder

In the above 4 landing page builders, 2-page builders are giving free service and 2 are just giving trial and after the trial, they will charge for their services. third and fourth both are giving free service.


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